Damien Hirst Beyond Belief Package 2007

Beyond Belief Package – Damien Hirst – Damien had 50 bags made to give guest attending the launch of Diamond Skull . Only the very closet and dearest friends were given a Beyond Belief bag with all items in. There were bags with only the shirt and cd inside also. The pink notebook very very rare as he only had 4 of them done. This Damien Hirst Beyond Belief package  came direct from a guest/friend but we are sorry we cant give his name. Its unlikely you will see another set and certainly not a pink notebook. Most guests had eaten the chocolate quickly and worn the shirt and destroyed the contents. This is...

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Damien Hirst Smartie Spin Spots

Damien Hirst Smartie Spin Spots (Toddington Theobromine Manorsacharide) Smarties on White Chocolate measures 10cm x 10cm x 1.5cm Smarties Spin spots(smarties on board made up of the spot paintings)Very very rare item – these were only given to close friends that attended a private party at Hirst home) only 150 were mad. The spot paintings are amongst Damien Hirst’s most widely recognised works. Of the thirteen sub-series within the spots category, the ‘Pharmaceutical’ paintings are the first and most prolific. There are over 1000 in existence, dating from 1986 to 2011. The Damien Hirst spot paintings vary in size from a 40 foot canvas containing spots of 1 inch, ‘Iodomethane- 13c’ (1999 – 2000),...

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