Damien Hirst Beyond Belief Package 2007

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Beyond Belief Package – Damien Hirst – Damien had 50 bags made to give guest attending the launch of Diamond Skull . Only the very closet and dearest friends were given a Beyond Belief bag with all items in. There were bags with only the shirt and cd inside also. The pink notebook very very rare as he only had 4 of them done. This Damien Hirst Beyond Belief package  came direct from a guest/friend but we are sorry we cant give his name. Its unlikely you will see another set and certainly not a pink notebook. Most guests had eaten the chocolate quickly and worn the shirt and destroyed the contents. This is all of the Damien Hirst Beyond Belief contents in the original bag. Smython originally refused to do a skull motif as they only do it for the queen. Pink was the first color they used.

Very very rare set including the Chocolate Skull as shown

About Hirst: ( Thanks to Tate)..

English sculptor, installation artist, painter and printmaker. He was a leading figure in the group of ‘Young British Artists’. He studied at Goldsmiths College, London (1986–9), and in 1988 curated the exhibition Freeze. His works are explicitly concerned with the fundamental dilemmas of human existence; his constant themes have included the fragility of life, society’s reluctance to confront death, and the nature of love and desire, often clothed in titles which exist somewhere between the naive and the disingenuous.Dead animals are frequently used in Hirst’s installations, forcing viewers to consider their own and society’s attitudes to death. Containers such as aquariums and vitrines are used as devices to impose control on the fragile subject-matter contained within them and as barriers between the viewer and the viewed. The animals are preserved as in life, but at the same time are emphatically dead, with their entrails and flesh exposed.

Hirst’s paintings can be seen as a foil to his sculptural work, though they are similarly inconclusive. The ‘spot’ paintings are named after pharmaceutical stimulants and narcotics, the chemical enhancers of human emotion, and yet take the form of mechanical and unemotional Minimalist paintings. Their detachment is further emphasised by the exploitation of procedures that can be simply carried out by assistants under his instruction. Hirst’s interest in contemporary society is further reflected in collaborative pop music projects and in his designs for the Pharmacy and Quo Vadis restaurants, London. He was awarded the Turner Prize in 1995.